Get Cash Fast with Accounts Receivable Financing

Do you need liquidity to grow your business? If so, consider account receivable financing and factoring. At Elevation Financial, we offer this funding solution to help our customers stay ahead of the competition.

An Easy Way to Improve Cash Flow

It’s a financial challenge for any business that must wait up to 90 days or more to receive payments from customers. This is why Elevation Financial offers accounts receivable financing. We purchase your outstanding invoices at a discount, so you can receive an early payment.

Any business can take advantage of this funding source, including those facing financial hardships. Is your company in bankruptcy? Are you losing money? Are you financing a startup? If yes, you can obtain financing based on your customer’s credit, not yours.

Financing That Fits Your Needs

Financing receivables offer business owners several benefits that include the following:

  • Cash in 24 hours
  • No personal guarantees
  • No fixed payments
  • No-cost credit insurance on your customers and clients
  • No recourse
  • No arbitrary loan board decisions
  • Funding increases as sales and receivables increase
  • Funding to complete unexpected or large orders

You can also use the funds for payroll, operating expenses, inventory, bulk discounts, early payment and expansion costs. Additionally, qualifying accounts receive free credit insurance.

Boosting the growth of your business is easier than ever. Call our specialists now for a free, no-obligation application.