We Can Meet Your Large or Small Purchase Order Financing Needs

Purchase order financing is a solution small businesses commonly turn to when they need money but struggle to secure traditional financing. If you’re currently having trouble purchasing pre-sold merchandise or finished goods, Elevation Financial can help. Our purchase order financing program is perfect for producers, distributors, wholesalers and resellers who are struggling to pay suppliers and fulfill orders.

Why Choose This Financing Plan?

If you struggle with cash flow but can’t get regular financing, you still have a good chance of being approved for purchase order financing. Benefits of this program include:

  • Flexible, rapid funding
  • Greater ability to make deliveries on time and keep customers happy
  • Opportunity to grow and develop your business without painful equity sacrifices or increased bank debt
  • Opportunity to expand your market share

In addition to providing you with instant access to working capital, we can also provide you with letters of credit for your export and import transactions, as well as for your domestic trade purchases. With our help, you can stop worrying about your finances and start focusing on how you’ll make your business succeed.

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