Bypass Traditional Banks With a Merchant Cash Advance

The economy is fluid and volatile and at Elevation Financial, we know what that can mean for small businesses, especially those that depend heavily on the spending patterns of the public. In many cases, this can make it difficult to obtain loans and financing from traditional banking institutions. That is why we offer a merchant cash advance.

Why a Cash Advance?

While you may think a small business loan is the best option for your company, there are many benefits to a cash advance from Elevation Financial.

  • Fast funding – Once your application is approved, you will have access to your funding in seven days or less.
  • Easy application – No fee and very little paperwork are required.
  • Flexible payments – Without fixed payments, closing costs, or loss of equity, you avoid a lot of unpleasant situations.
  • Individual location funding – If you have multiple locations of operation for your business, you can receive the maximum amount of funding for each location.

We also offer easy payback for your merchant cash advance. It is taken against future credit card sales with every major credit card included. Don’t worry if you don’t have impeccable credit. This kind of cash advance is a great alternative for those who can’t gain access to more traditional small business loans.

Don’t let the volatility of the economy intimidate you. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.